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Danielle Callaghan

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Graphic design student

Hello, my name is Danielle. I was born in the United States of America but grew up in Ireland and I’m fluent in Irish, due to this I have a dual citizenship. I am a third-year student in TUS Athlone. I love film and photography and like to use photoshop to manipulate images, but I am also passionate about branding and design. Throughout my three years in college, I have learnt skills in Adobe, print and illustration but I would like to improve even more.


My design process consists of researching the topic and brainstorming and a lot of trial and error until I am satisfied with my final piece.

I am interested in promoting positive mind and body image, I believe people should be happy in their own skin and embrace who they are. My motto is what you create doesn’t need to be perfect. In the future I would like to work on commercial ad campaigns for film and tv. 

The three words I use to describe myself are determined, progressive and brave. I am determined and work hard and design to the best of my abilities, I always get it done and find my way around difficulties. I am willing to try out new styles and cover contemporary topics. Designing hard and sensitive topics make me brave because I am not afraid to tackle difficult topics. 


through our eyes / Athlone / 2023

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